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Introduction to openKylin and Software Management

The openKylin community is an open-source community founded by basic software and hardware companies, non-profit organizations, community organizations, universities, research institutions, and individual developers. Its goal is to create a top-level desktop operating system community through the core principles of "collaboration" and "open-source convergence, co-creation of the future." It operates on the basis of open-source, voluntary participation, equality, and collaboration. The community collaborates with enterprises through open and open-source means to build a partner ecosystem and jointly create a top-level desktop operating system community, promoting the prosperity of Linux open-source technology and its hardware and software ecosystem.

openKylin uses the APT package management tool to manage DEB software packages. Specifically, openKylin manages system software sources by modifying the /etc/apt/sources.list configuration file. In general, users can replace the default source address in this configuration file (i.e., with the mirror source provided by this software mirror site.

Replacing openKylin Software Sources


To avoid problems when replacing software source configuration files, please make a backup of the system's default software source configuration files before proceeding.

  1. Based on your preference, copy the following software source configuration content to /etc/apt/sources.list and save it.
openKylin version
deb yangtze main
  1. Update the software using the following command:
Are you the root user?
sudo apt update

One-Click Source Replacement


This method is only applicable when switching from official sources to the mirror sources on this site. If you have already switched sources, please do not use the following commands.

Use the sed command to directly replace the default source address in the software source configuration file with the current mirror source site.

Are you the root user?
sudo sed -i.bak 's|https?://([^/]+)/openkylin||' /etc/apt/sources.list

Important Notes

  • openKylin does not use HTTPS sources by default. If you choose to use HTTPS sources and encounter issues fetching HTTPS sources, you can install the following software using HTTP sources:
Are you the root user?
sudo apt install apt-transport-https ca-certificates
sudo apt update
Choose your prefered domain
This domain is Dual Stack
Enable HTTPS